How to remove tag using JQuery but without tag inner content?

Remove tag using JQuery

We can remove HTML tag using jquery by different scenarios.

1. $('a').contents().unwrap();

This will remove the anchor tag but keep the anchor inner HTML.

2. Come to performance view below code is useful.

var b = document.getElementsByTagName('a');
while(b.length) {
    var parent = b[ 0 ].parentNode;
    while( b[ 0 ].firstChild ) {
        parent.insertBefore(  b[ 0 ].firstChild, b[ 0 ] );
     parent.removeChild( b[ 0 ] );

3. We can also use replaceWith JQuery function. Please check below example.

$("a").replaceWith(function() { return $(this).contents(); });

If any other ways, please share in the comments section.

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