JQuery Tutorial 1: How to debug JQuery Code in the Google Chrome Browser


Using this JQuery Tutorial, we will learn how to debug Javascript or JQuery code in the Google Chrome browser.


In the Previous tutorials we have learnt How to debug javascript or jquery code in Internet Explorer and Mozilla firefox

Please watch Below video:

How to see Saved Passwords in Google Chrome Browser - Where saved password stored in Chrome

How to use Desktop Google Chrome browser as a Mobile Browser (Android, IOS or Black Barry)

How to use Google Chrome browser as Mobile browser (IPhone, Android etc...)

OPEN CHROME --> PRESS F12 --> GO TO RESOURCES TAB --> Click on settings image from right side down image ---> Go to overrides tab --> Check Enable check box --> check user agent check box --> select iphone 5 from dropdown list --> select device metrics and set up screen resolution(360x750) --> now browser will behave like a iOS Browser. 

How to copy pop up message to notepad in Windows

Click on pop up header and press ctrl+c after that open notepad and ctrl+v... You will see the message message in notepad.