Javascript Tutorial or Lessions

1. Javascript Tutorial Introduction
Javascript's role on the Web
Hypertext markup language
Create an HTML document
The Javascrip programming language
Logic and Debugging
Section B: A first Javascrip program
The <SCRIPT> tag
Create a Javascript source file
Adding comments toa Javascript program
Hiding Javascript from incompatible browsers
Placing Javascript in HEAD or BODY sections

2. Variables, Functions, Objects, and Events 
Section A: Working with variables, functions, and objects
Defining custom functions
Calling functions
Built-in Javascript Objects
Understanding Javascript objects
Custom Javascript objects
Built-in Javascript objects
Custom object inheritance and prototypes
Custom object methods
Variable scope
Section B: Using events
Understanding events
HTML tags and events
Event handlers
Link events
Create an image map

3. Data Types and Operators 
Section A: Using data type
Data types
Numeric data types
Boolean values
Section B: Expressions and Operators
Arithmetic operatiors
Assignment operators
Comparison operators
Logical operators
Working with strings (string object)
Operator precedence
Create the calculator program

4. Decision Making with Control Structures and Statements 
Section A: Decision making
if statements
iff... else statements
Nested if and if...else statements
switch statements
Section B: Repetition
while statements
do ... while statements
for ... in statement
with statements
continue statement

5. Windowa and Frames 
Section A: Working with windows
The Javascript object model
The window object
Opening and closing windows
Working with timeouts and intervals
Section B: Working with frames and objects
Create frames
Using the TABLE attribute
Nested frames
Frame formating
The location object
The history object
The Navigator object
Referring to frames and windows

6. Forms 
Section A: Working with forms in Javascript
Overview of froms
The Common Gateway Interface
The <FORM> tag
From elements: an overview
Input fields
Text boxes
Password boxes
Radio buttons
Check boxes
Reset buttons
Command buttons
Submit button
Image submit buttons
Section B: Validating a Using input to a form
Hidden form fields
The form object
Referencing forms and form elements
Form event handlers
Form methods
Form properties
E-mailing form data

7. Debuging JavaScript 
Section A: Basic degugging techniques
Understadning debugging
Error message
Tracing errors with the alert() method
Tracing errors with the write() and writeln() methods
Using comments to locate bugs
Additional debugging techniques
Checking HTML
Analyzing your logic
Testing statements with Java URLs
Reloading an HTML document

Section B: Advanced debugging techniques and resources
Using a for .. in statement to check object properties
Watch points in Netscape
Netscape Javascript debugger
Source view
Styep commands
Tacing variables and expressions
The call stack window
Microsoft Script debugger
Source view
Styep commands
Tacing variables and expressions
The call stack window

8. Dynamic HTML and Animation
Section A: Dynamic HTML
Document object model
Document object properties
The image object
Animation with the image object
image caching
Section B: Animation and cascading stype sheets
Cascading stype sheets
Using Javascript with CSS styles
Using Javascript and stypes in Older versions of Navigator
Using Javascript and style in older versions of internet explorer
Using Javascript and style with the W3C DOM
CSS postioning
dynamic positioning in older versions of internet explorer
dynamic positioning in Navigator
dynamic positioning with W3C DOM-compliant browsers
Cross-browser compatibility

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